11 December 2014



Back in college, one of my friends had the idea to take snowboard lessons. Keep in mind, this was the very early 1990s (when you would wear a pair of Sorels, strap in and and go), and really, there were not many female snowboarders on the slopes. Usually, it was just my friend and me! We did it, and totally loved it. By the time I met Brian, I had been snowboarding a few years already. I have never been amazing, but I could hold my own. We used to go at least a few times a year and even went to Park City for New Years in 2000. That was the last time I snowboarded. It was just me and the guys, and I totally got frustrated. Call me crazy, but for some reason, I've been wanting to try it again. Who, knows! Maybe this is the winter for it!

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