16 July 2008

Why it Works

This morning, I went into C's room to grab his clothes and found one of these! It's freaking me out. I have visions of C getting stung in the middle of the night, or a giant swarm living in our walls. Even the thought that Storm could get stung during the day while stuck in his crate has crossed my mind. Seriously, this is how my mind works. Who thinks of these things? I can't help it. So, I found something online that said you should stick out a bowl with dish soap and honey. If you get a lot, they are in the house. If you have few, there is a small hole somewhere. (Of course, I'm hoping it flew in when H or C left the door open at some point, which is all the time.) But I emailed Brian to see if we should try it. His reply to me was "Relax. Watch this." So there you have it. The secret to our success. Me worrying. And Brian throwing some random thing into the mix so I don't take things so seriously. It actually is a good balance because we all do need a little of both.

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