24 July 2008

So Much Artwork

We've been having such a dilemma lately. Every week, the kids come home from school with piles of artwork. And I love it all! We have a bin to archive a select few, but the rest? It eventually has to go in the garbage. See that to the right? That's two weeks worth. There's craft projects, ice-cream store signs, paper money, family portraits, Mr. Sun. The pile was getting so huge, I had to throw it out last night. All except a few -- a family portrait I'm bringing to work, Mr. Sun (on a stick, come on!) and this great fish hat H made. I just couldn't part with them yet.


Mel said...

Oh lady...just wait until your kids discover their art in the garbage. Never a good moment.

Angela said...

I buried it ... and they brought more home today. I take it you've been there before.