22 April 2016

Last Week in Moments

Soccer season started for both boys. We had games Friday through Sunday, and put some miles on the car, traveling to Wales, Fond du Lac and back up to Appleton the next day.

Post-soccer game go-carting with some of C's teammates.

You should hear this guy snore!

H is playing tennis again. Here he is (in the back left) at his first match. They lost, but I love that he gets to do this.

Melissa and I met up on Thursday for lunch at a half-way point -- Lamb's Farm -- and I'm wondering why we don't do this more often. It was so great to catch up and I needed my dose of Melissa. We even went into the petting zoo, which was pretty hilarious. That little brown goat followed us around most of the time.

There was a camel hanging out at the entrance which was amazing. I don't think I've ever been so close to a camel in my life. This one was also super affectionate. So cute.

The boys were off of school on Friday, so I got to have two very handsome lunch dates. Lucky me!

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