03 April 2016

Chicago :: Day 2

The next day, we went to the Chicago Cultural Center to go to the Strandbeest exhibit. I really wasn't expecting much, but the entire visit to the center was amazing.

We lucked out by getting an unscheduled viewing of the Strandbeest in movement. It was truly magical. We were all completely mesmerized by the entire thing.

We also walked around the Chicago Cultural Center. I used to pop in there once in awhile when I worked downtown, but I forgot how absolutely beautiful that building really is.

We also walked through some of the art galleries.

We stopped into the Chicago Athletic Association to check it out. It so amazing, and one of these days (without the boys) we are hoping to stay there to really get to experience it. After that, we went to Block 37 to Latin City. The idea is similar to Eataly, but without the grocery or retail part. We tried a bunch of different dishes -- tacos, ceviche, empanadas and calamari -- and everything was really good. I sure wish it had been there when I worked down the street. That, and the Target that was down the street. That would have been a game-changer! Anyhow, afterwards, we made a quick stop at Room & Board, picked up some food at Eataly for dinner later, and headed on out, just making it to the kennel to pick up the dogs in the nick of time before they closed, and to get H to his final futsal games of the season. It was such a great surprise. A perfect way to end our Spring Break, and much needed pick-me-up after a long winter/early spring season. Thanks Brian!

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