15 February 2015

Valentine's Day

One thing I love -- besides these guys, of course -- is how much H&C look forward our annual Valentine's Day dinner. It's never anything crazy -- just a little bit special.

Brian was out of town until the afternoon, H had soccer referee training all day (he passed and got his license!), C had a birthday party in the late afternoon, and honestly, I hadn't thought much about it. Last minute I cut out some hearts and decorated our table.

We started off with olives and bacon wrapped water chestnuts and pineapple.

Next we had roasted tomato soup...

Then salad, sauteed mushrooms, garlic roasted broccoli, and filet mignon...

And ended with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate pots de creme. After a busy day, it was so nice to get to spend a lovely evening with my family. I'm so lucky.

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