30 October 2014



C waving to the ducks in Whistler, Canada. Such a beautiful place. Brian used to travel there once a year for work. Twice, we were able to met up with him. This photo was taken during the first visit. Brian was already there, and the boys and I flew to meet him. I remember feeling like a super woman -- flying with a 4 & nearly 2 year old alone to Vancouver (looooong flight), getting through customs (we had to the leave the line at least once for H to go to the bathroom), got a rental car (by law, I had to install the car seats, even though I rented them -- while wrangling the boys), then drove the 2 hours to Whistler. It was crazy, but so very worth it. (The next time, I was much smarter. We spent the night in Vancouver, then took the train to meet up with Brian.) (August 2006)

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