26 October 2014

Halloween Weekend

This was our big Halloween weekend, and we sure did have a great time. Friday night, the boys carved pumpkins.

Saturday, C had his final fall soccer games in Sheboygan, and did great. They won one, and lost won, ending their season 10-2-1. Not bad. They are a fun team to watch. That evening our friends threw their annual Halloween party. It was much smaller than previous years, and a total blast.  The theme was "Thowback." I teased my hair (it looked ridiculous -- but I have picture to prove I really wore it like that), C went as Spicoli (clearly, he has never seen the movie, but it was his baseball nickname), and H went kind of as 80s. Brian sported some eyeliner and a top hat. Basically, we threw our outfits together in 15 minutes.


Sunday was trick-or-treating. I still think this tradition is totally lame -- especially since Halloween is actually on a Friday this year. But after 4 years here, I'm trying to embrace it. H met up with a big groups his friends, so we didn't see him from 1:00-4:30pm, and C went out with a group of his friends. H was the same costume as last year (Ronaldo) and C was Ibrahimović. Afterwards, we headed over to our friend's, Lynn & Gino's, for a post trick-or-treat party. So much fun. They have two boys who are H & C's age, and both of whom play soccer. Needless to say, we have a ton in common and both of our kids are really great friends. It was such a great time. Sad to see the weekend come to an end.

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