22 October 2014

Pot Pies


Last week, the boys had off on Friday for conferences. I'm not sure how it came up, but H told his math teacher that he was going pheasant hunting on the day off. His teacher told him that he makes a mean pheasant pot pie and that if H brought in some birds, he would make him some. Towards the end of the school day, H popped into the teacher's room and asked him if he was being serious. He said he was -- so on Monday, H showed up with a bag full of pheasants. This morning H asked me if I could drive him to school since Mr. C was bringing in the pot pies. We showed up, and were presented with 6 of them. How cool is that? He made a bunch for himself too. H is really interested in cooking, and was so excited a teacher would actually do this. I still cannot get over it myself. So amazing.

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