09 March 2014



What a nice weekend! H&C both had incredible futsal games on Saturday. C's team won 8-2 and he scored 5 of the goals. But H is the one who blew me away. His team lost 18-4 (yikes), and he had 3 of the goals. Unfortunately, I had to take C to a birthday party so missed that game, but Brian said he was pretty amazing. Today, C had another birthday party to go to, and Brian was invited too. They have been gone all day. H and I had to get out of the house, so ventured to the nature center. It was a slippery walk -- H decided to go down the hill on his belly -- but totally worth it. The lake was amazing -- I've never seen anything like it. Based on the photo Brian just sent me, it looks like C had a pretty amazing day too.

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Moritz said...

We went to the same place this summer, didn't we ? And I was in the water with my feet... :D