16 March 2014

Dinner with Frank


Yesterday, we dropped the boys off at my sister's, and Brian and I headed to the Wisconsin Dells. We hit downtown, and had lunch at Macs before checking into our room at the Sunset Bay Resort. I've got to be honest -- the Wisconsin Dells is probably the last place we'd pick to get away without our children. But we had important plans that evening. Our friends Maria & Robbie had reserved the Seth Peterson Cottage and they invited us over for dinner! The Seth Peterson Cottage is a small vacation residence on Mirror Lake, built by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's such a special and unique opportunity to be able to rent it, and we were so excited to get the invitation to visit them for the evening. Maria made a delicious dinner, and even had a dessert with a birthday candle for Brian, who's birthday is Monday. It was an amazing night.

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Mel said...

So stunning. I hope you had a marvelous time! xo