28 February 2014

TKD Testing


The boys have lost their momentum with taekwondo lately. It's mainly due to their busy lives. But I notice that when we aren't able to make it a part of their regular schedule, they also lose some interest. It's been a year since they tested for their last belt and was definitely time to move up. So, last night they tested for their brown belts. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. But they both did great! H stepped it up and lead one of the forms and demonstrated one of the kicking combinations. Both struggled with their break -- a step-over back swing kick -- but ended up getting it in the end. C definitely showed some perseverance. Poor guy's foot was totally bleeding by the time he actually broke it. Of course, we had Grand Master sign the board for him. Both were extremely proud of themselves, as were we. (I also volunteered -- you can see me in the red belt against wall in the top photo. It was so much fun.)

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