04 February 2014



Today was a day that has been looming over C's head for the past few weeks -- and he was not happy about it one little bit. Today was the day he had to have two teeth pulled. Yuck. Some of his other teeth are growing in and crowding his mouth, so they wanted to remove his baby teeth before the permanent ones grew in crooked. To say he was freaked out about this whole procedure is an understatement. For 10 minutes, he tried to lock the door and hide in the bathroom at the dentist's office. He was freaked out about the idea of having laughing gas, so I didn't dare tell him about the oral sedative they were going to be giving him. He downed it like a pro, and within a few minutes, he was zoning out, tapping along with the beat of his heart rate monitor, and shaking his finger around to get the monitor numbers to rise and fall. He was funny. And a total rockstar for the oral surgeon (who's kids go to school with the boys, of course -- I've run into every single one of our doctors out and about at some point -- I don't know why I find that so funny). Call me naive, but I had no idea baby teeth came with giant roots like this. Duh. It totally makes sense though, doesn't it? Anyhow, the patient spent the day lounging on the sofa, eating pudding, ice cream and soup while watching his favorite shows on tv. That part, he was pretty excited about.

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