07 December 2013

First Friday


It was a whopping 11 degrees (F) out tonight, so the thought of just staying put in our warm house may have crossed my mind to be honest. I'm so glad we didn't. The boys and I met Brian in the Third Ward for Gallery Night. Our friend Jason was back in town for a show at the Tory Folliard Gallery. We are big fans of his work, and it's so fun to watch his art evolves. Plus, it was great to see him too, of course. From there, we went over to Fred's t-shirt shop to pick up some gifts. Next up was a trip over to Pizzaria 3301 at Villa Palermo. Our friend Lynn's sister is part of the family that owns Palermos, and Lynn was participating in an art show there. We got to see her amazing stuff (seriously cool cloches), plus met up with some friends for some delicious pizza and wine. Seriously, the wood-fire pizzas were amazing! I need to go back. They were having a pizza and wine tasting, so the place was jam packed. Our group was placed in the R&D department. The kids table was in a hair-net required zone, which was pretty awesome. We thought we'd go, see Lynn's stuff, have a pizza and head home. We ended up staying until 11:00 pm. It was a blast.

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