08 December 2013

Annual Holiday Dinner


We've had our sixth annual holiday dinner with Scott + Ali and Andrew + Shelly on the calendar for months. Unfortunately, Andrew was under the weather yesterday, and they had to cancel. Bummer! The remaining four of us decided to still go, and we were able recruit our friends John + Terri to join us. We had been going to another restaurant since we've been doing this dinner, but decided to mix it up this year. We went to the Five O'Clock Steakhouse, which was the perfect amount of supper club kitsch we were looking for (although, we agreed that we sure missed the fireplace we used to sit in front of). I loved the giant salad bowl and relish trays each table gets. And I wish I had saved room for a Brandy Alexander, but no go. My bacon wrapped beef tenderloin was delicious, and Brian said his ribeye melted in his mouth. Lots of laughs + a delicious meal in a restaurant loaded with holiday lights (which are actually up all year) = a very fun night.

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Mel said...

Looks like such fun! I love a little culinary kitsch. I have to be honest, I scrolled through these pictures three times before I read the text and was totally thrown that Andrew and Shelly looked totally different; something in my mind was reluctant let me digest they were not the same people at all. So weird.