12 September 2013

Miniature Plant


When Jen & Samir visited us a few weeks ago, they brought us a little plant that their daughter assembled. It is planted in a shell Jennifer found on a beach in Michigan. The rock it sits on was found by them this summer. And I was told that it would even flower. I have to admit, I didn't believe it. Sure enough! This morning I found a miniature pink flower. It's absolutely adorable. I love it.

(Update: Jen let me know that my facts were a little wrong. Shell was found at Thatcher Woods in River Forest, Illinois. The plants are from her own vertical garden, and the rock was from the beach at Union Pier, Michigan.)


Mel said...

The sweetest thing! I love love love it.

healthatmysize said...

Okay, small correction here. The shell was found at Thatcher Woods, the plants from my own vertical garden and the rock from the beach at Union Pier. Totally Aida's idea to combine it this way. I really love it too. Thanks for sharing!!!