02 February 2012



Three times a week, Storm and I run 4 miles. Every morning after the boys leave for school, he sits at the door begging to go. He absolutely loves it. We used to run a lot more together -- frankly, I'm just now getting back in the groove. But he's kind of a perfect running partner. He heals the entire way. He doesn't make frequent pit stops. I feel safe with him. Although, once the weather is nicer, he does tend to get distracted by other people, dogs, squirrels -- you name it -- so I do leave him behind since he does tend to pull a little more. Yesterday during our run, I noticed he was limping a bit. You could barely see it. But every time I stopped to examine him, he'd just wag his nub of a tail and start pulling me to get going. Well, after his all-day nap (it's kind of what he does), he was totally gimping around. Needless to say, the old man needs a break. I can tell already he's not going to like that.

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