12 December 2009

Holiday Party with C

C started asking if it was time to go to his school holiday party as soon as he woke up this morning. He was ready for it all day. This year, he decided to wear a tie. As he told his brother the other night at the dinner table, "when you are 18 and start dating, you should wear a tie because the girls like that." Honestly, he didn't even know he owned a tie until this morning when he asked for one. He even wore it to the grocery store -- outside his jacket. Once it was finally time to go to the party, the kids put on a little performance in their classrooms, then we all got to mingle. These parties tend to overwhelm me a bit, but it was a nice time and all those kids are so unbelievably cute! C had a blast. Can you tell?

1 comment:

Christine said...

I'm pretty sure he could work in a Post Office with in that outfit. That's hilarious. Can't say I've ever seen the boys wear ties. It's great!