24 December 2009

Happy Holidays ... from me to you!

We'll be home for the holidays this year. It's really icy out, so probably is a good thing our plans don't take us more than a block away from home, celebrating with great friends, sitting by our fire. We'll travel to Wisconsin this weekend to see our families, and can't wait. Besides, there's nothing wrong with celebrating four days of Christmas now, is there?

Wishing you and your loved ones a merry holiday season. Love, A, B, C & H


Heidi said...

Isn't Christmas at home great? No (OK, less) stress, no driving, and opening presents in your pajamas. Yeah, I miss seeing the family, but nothing beats watching the kids come downstairs on Christmas morning.

Have a great day and say hi to the family for us this weekend.

Angela said...

Heidi -- yes, it really is nice. We do miss everyone, but it's great to be home. We'll be sure to say hello when we see them over the weekend. Happy holidays to you, Brandon and the kids!