02 December 2007

Santa Brunch

This weekend was the annual Santa brunch at the country club. We've been going since H was not even one, and it's something they really look forward to. The weather forecast called for snow and freezing rain, and we got it. Fortunately, I made it up to Wisconsin before the bad weather. Nina and Papa were not so lucky. They were on their way back from Florida and got stranded in Kansas City. So, I packed up the boys and the dog, and headed for the cousin's house. We had a super fun sleepover -- it worked out great. Even the dogs had a blast. They might even be in love.

Nina and Papa did make it back for the brunch, whew. Usually, these brunches are so hectic, but this was very nice. And, yes, the kids got to see the Big Man. H was very serious and asked for a fire truck, an airplane and a cement mixer. He was so scared Santa was going to ask if he has been good. His answer was going to be "a little bit bad." C just starred, but he did sit on Santa's lap which surprised me. Fortunately, he did not asked for what he said he was going to ask for -- poop, one of his favorite words. The kids also watched a magic show, which totally intrigued them. It was a fun day.

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