01 January 2019

The Gufs 30th


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a band called The Gufs. A member of the band was a handsome percussion player, and as fate would have it, we met and fell in love. Haha! I'm not very good at story telling, but seriously, if it were for the band, Brian & I would have never met over 25 years ago. So crazy. Over the weekend, the band played a 30th Anniversary concert. The first night sold out super fast, so they added a second night and of course, we were at both. Brian left the band after a few years of being a part of it, but they invited him to play a few songs with them both nights, which was so fun. The best part was the boys getting to see their dad in action and seeing tons of friends and family come out for the concerts. For the first night, our friends from Oak Park came with their kids. You know how I feel about that - yassssss! It's because of the band, Leif & Melissa met as well so we were beyond giddy to share this night with the rest of the crew. The weekend started with us meeting at Kopps for lunch. After quick cocktails at their hotels, we headed over to the venue. Such a blast. The guys have been working so hard for months, and it was so worth it. They put on some amazing shows. The next morning we met at Fuel for brunch. Always sad to say our goodbyes, but it was amazing getting to experience it all with them. On Night 2, only H came with me. But we met up with Christie & Tim, Justin and the girls and some friends from the gym. So fun. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty exhausted from staying up two nights past 1am. How in the world did I used to do that? But it was so worth it. Such a special weekend and I was so excited to be a part of it.

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