04 January 2019

Moments 01 19 :: Week 01

These were the top 9 liked photos on my Instagram account for 2018. Definitely some good ones here!

After two nights staying out until 1:30am due to the concerts, we wouldn't wait for a relaxed New Year's Eve. It also happens to be our friend Fernanda's birthday (32!) so she came over to celebrate and Kim & Gerry stopped by too. We made it until midnight and it was perfect.

See? We made it. First photo of the family in 2019.

It's been a number of years since we came to see the crazy polar bears. I could only talk H into coming with me. He ran into a friend of his, and was a little bummed he didn't participate, I think. I personally was fine simply spectating.

It was pretty busy this year thanks to moderate temperatures.

Our new calendar (365 days of drawings) & lucky Sauerkraut and Pork, a tradition our friends Greg & Yvonne introduced us to last year and one the boys insisted on again this year. I like it!

After the Polar Bear Plunge, we came home and watched Crazy Rich Asians. What? You are wondering where I sat on this big sectionals we have? A chair off to the side. Look at these guys!

Bayside basketball kicked off this week too. The Bulls one 36-18 with C-Dog scoring 6, including an incredible 3-pointer. We went right from basketball to H's swim meet. It's so fun watching him. He's swimming mainly varsity events and improving each week.

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