10 August 2018

Moments 08 18 :: Week 01

The CrossFit Games were in Madison again, and Brian and I got to go! We spent Friday-Saturday there. Always so fun and inspiring.

Samantha Briggs won the Games in 2013 and has finished in the top several times. She had to withdraw from the European Regionals this year due an injury, but still qualified to compete in her Masters age group (35-39). She had elbow surgery only 3 months before this competition and ended up coming in 2nd place. It was so much fun getting to watch her up close and personal at these Masters events, especially because I'm quite certain that next year she'll be back in the Individuals.

As Brian and I were heading out to go to dinner, we ran into Terri & Matty who's room was two doors down from ours! We ended up meeting up with them later in the evening for a really fun (too much fun maybe?) night.

Practice. Look at that determination. He's already a way better golfer than I'll ever be.

We met my mom & dad for lunch and a day at the beach. Too bad the weather that day was in the low 70s and raining. Not ideal, but it didn't bother the boys.

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