05 May 2017

Last Week in Moments

C and I headed to Schaumburg last weekend for a soccer tournament. When your favorite Japanese marketplace is only 10 minutes from your hotel, it's ramen for dinner.

Saturday night was dinner with these guys and their parents. I'm not sure I've ever been at such a cold, wet tournament in my entire life. The entire weekend was gross. Loved spending time with C of course, but we couldn't wait to get home. Plus, Brian had left on Saturday for a work trip, so Grandma stayed with H and brought him to all of his games (all of which were two hours away). She was a total lifesaver and H had a great time.

The rain didn't stop until later in the week. I want to love it, but I think Spring may be my least favorite season.

Snuggles before school.

C had his first outdoor track meet on Wednesday. He ran the 1600m and 800m. He's still super fast, but a bit rusty, so was so happy with his performance. I'm not sure what he got in the 800m (came in 4th place), but he ran the 1600m in 6:01 and got 3rd place, literally by a nose. It was pretty awesome.

A treasure found in the yard. You can't tell, but it was almost transparent. I'm thinking it is from a baby hawk.

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