26 August 2016

Last Week in Moments

The Dane County Farmer's Market -- my absolute favorite. It is seriously amazing. Even some rain wouldn't stop us from getting there this year.

Our nephew/cousin goes to school at UW Madison, and moved into his first apartment the weekend before. So happy we were able to see his new digs and introduce him to shabu shabu. It was such a fun day, and we all loved seeing him. That evening, we had some friends over dinner. Ironically, they had just driven back from Madison too. Such a cool town.

Sunday was Surf Atwater. The boys were looking for Costa Rica sized waves, but only were able to catch a few tiny ones on that day. They did take part in the SUP races though!

After the beach, the boys made Brian and I a 5-course dinner. They have been scheming this for a few weeks. I took them shopping so had an idea of what would be served, but I was absolutely blown away. They made grilled octopus with zucchini -- beer-battered blue gill on cole slaw -- brown butter scallops -- seared tuna with sesame soy sauce -- oreo churros. They even made their own whipped cream. Everything was cooked perfectly. It was such a treat! We were not allowed into the kitchen at all. Until clean up. :)

H had his first JV2 high school soccer game as a Nicolet Knight. They tied 1-1. Half of the team plays on H's club team, and pretty much the other half went to middle school with him, so he's having an absolute blast.

You know they must be getting bored -- they have reverted to old school outdoor play. For the past couple days, they have spent a ton of time cleaning out part of the wood behind us and building a fort. C is pretty disappointed, however, that we won't allow him to start a fire there. Unfortunately, it's right below an evergreen. We are such mean parents.

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