05 August 2016

Last Week in Moments

We made it to Oak Park last weekend. Brian and I stayed with Chris & Penny, while the boys spent the night at the Elsmo's. In the evening, we actually had an adult night out! We ate dinner at Green Street Meats, then finished the night with cocktails at the Soho House. It's been a long time since we've spent time in our old hood, and even longer since we've all gone out for a night on the town together.

The next morning, Chris & Penny had a delicious Spanish style breakfast for us. It was so delicious -- by far my favorite breakfast of the summer.

We walked over to Vals Halla Records. Brian was completely in his element. Such a happy guy.

We also ate Pete's for lunch. They have the best chicken sandwiches! The day before, we also walked over to Gina's to get some Italian ice. Some of our favorites. And it was so fun running into people from the neighborhood. Miss that.

So happy we made it to Quarry Beach. Even I took part in the action. True, I may have been one of the only adults, but it was a blast.

This week, I also took H to his high school for registration. It's official! We walked his schedule a couple times. It definitely made him feel better, and he's getting super excited.

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