16 February 2016

NOLA :: Day 1


I cannot believe I had never been to New Orleans before this trip. What a great, gritty, kooky city. I absolutely loved it. Brian and I dropped the boys off at the airport for their vacation on Wednesday, and headed back on Thursday to take off ourselves. Our friends Jo Ann & Jeff were nice enough to let us stay in their apartment, and we couldn't have planned the key exchange more perfect. Jo Ann was en route home to LA after spending time there for Mardi Gras. Her flight was boarding just as ours landed, so we were greeted by her smiling face. Not a bad was to start the trip. We didn't arrive until evening, so walked to Casamento's for some oysters for dinner. Brian was completely in heaven. We had raw, of course -- and they were amazing. Not at all briny, but creamy and delicious. We also tried the char-boiled oysters, which were a thing I had never even heard of. Yum. We could have feasted on at least another dozen oysters, but instead, decided to walk and get a po-boy (short rib!) and fried pickles from Mahonys to go.

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