17 July 2014

Tennis, Anyone?


Back in high school, tennis was my thing. I played a lot, and loved it. I'm not sure why, but along the way I kind of stopped, and I really haven't played much over the years. My mom invited me to guest day at her club, and my first question was, "Are you sure about that?" I think I freaked the pros out when I mentioned I haven't played an actual game of tennis in probably 10 years. Maybe more! I mean, I've hit the ball around, but haven't served or kept score in forever. We ended up having a fantastic time. And even won two matches, tied one, and lost one. I may have forgotten where to stand, struggled with my serves, and been told my style of doubles play was old-fashioned, but we had a great time. Thanks for the perfect day, Mom! (P.S. My mom has quite the reputation of being a total jock at the club. She is, but it was still pretty funny.)

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