13 July 2014

15 weeks


Gretel has always been an active puppy, but this week, she seemed to hit a new kind of crazy. Wow. We switched over to a harness for her, so walking has been going a bit better. I've been taking her out a lot, which seems to tire her out. At least for a little bit. She was making me crazy the other night. I found her ON TOP of the kitchen table. But she slept from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am, and by the time she woke up, I'm happy to report, I was excited to see her. She's added a new bit of chaos into our world, but we really do love her. One thing that makes Gretel happy is water. We were hanging out on the beach after tennis this week. She was going nuts -- until I let her climb down the rocks and just sit on an algae covered rock. I also took her swimming a little bit, which was pretty adorable. And, it totally wore her out. Sweet.

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Pam Kramer said...

Squirt jumps up on our kitchen table all the time. It must be a German Shorthair thing. He actually jumped on our kitchen counter once.