17 October 2013



So yeah... I haven't posted a summary of Brian's Pablove Across America ride yet. We've been a little bit busy around here. I received a phone call in the early afternoon on Friday from Brian, and automatically knew something was wrong. Sure enough, he was calling from the Santa Barbara ER after going down ... hard. Things could have been much worse, and the good news is, he only suffered some bruising and a broken clavicle. After debating and figuring out how he was going to make it home, he ended up on his scheduled flights which turned out to be not so bad (so he says). I think pain pills helped. We were just happy to get him home and be able to take care of him here. The last two mornings have been spent at various doctors here. And while most clavicle breaks heal themselves, he needs to have surgery because of how it is overlapping. It is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Can you even believe it? We are just so happy he's ok. Wow. stayclassy.org/bpettit13

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