12 October 2013

Apple (and Gourd) Picking


I was relying on my in-house weatherman H to lead us to apple picking at the right time. Alas, we got there, and it started pouring. It didn't stop us though. We ended up with a giant bag of apple of all different kinds. The boys favorite were the 20 Ounce Pippins. They are huge -- I cannot wait to make some applesauce. On our way out, we spotted the gourds. I know they are pretty useless, but the three of us a pretty obsessed with gourds, so we decided to truge through the muddy fields and pick a bag. Another amazing deal Barthel's has going on, is you can get a carload of pumpkins for $28. We didn't take advantage of that, but how fun. I guess they had a good crop! The apples were amazing too. I hope we get back again this season.

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Ali said...

We need to go together! Next weekend??