11 March 2012

Good Times


Our friends Chris & Penny visited this weekend with their girls. As always, it just feels so great getting to hang out with them. Unfortunately, I was really bad at taking any pictures, but I promise -- we did lots of fun stuff. Friday morning we met up at Ray's MTB, where Penny and I took part in their annual women's day. The boys have ridden quite a bit there, but truth be known, I'm a big fat chicken, and I usually spend my time running after C or watching. Totally lame. So the last time The Frigs visited, we were at the park, found out about women's day and signed up. It is a day of women coaches, who instructed women of all levels. And while I still have most of the park to master, I'm definitely comfortable riding some really fun loops now. Let's put it this way .... I cannot wait to go back.

That night, we headed back home, the boys took a little run and afterwards, we all went out for dinner. Our plan was to go out for a fish fry, but it didn't work out so we went out for hibachi, which the kids loved -- perfect. The next day we took them to tae kwon do with us, where M got to join us in a class. Unfortunately, she was not feeling well at all and had a fever, so couldn't finish. But I think she had fun at least a little bit. The rest of the day, Penny and I relaxed with the kids while the boys rode at Rays. Then later, Scott, Ali and A stopped by. Before you knew it, we all decided to go to dinner before the Frigs headed back to Chicago. Eric & Karen met up with us too! Nothing better than impromptu evenings with friends.

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