04 August 2009

Italy 2009 - Day 3

Looking out from Ravello

Our ride -- Me enjoying a nice lunch in Ravello

On the third day, we decided to pick up a scooter for a few days. Brian's comfortable on two wheels, and I'm comfortable sitting behind Brian while he drives on two wheels. This may not be for everyone, but it really was the way to go. The streets along the Amalfi Coast and through the towns are narrow and winding. It was great zipping through them. And even on our scooters, we got stuck in jams a couple times. Those SITA buses are huge! Anyhow, once we got our scooter, we decided to just head down the coast, and ended up in the very cute town of Ravello. On the way back, we hit our beach for a bit, then hung out at the house. We discovered the garden we were told we could use behind our house -- it was overflowing with the most amazing tomatoes. We even picked some zucchini blossoms. Here's the thing about tomatoes. I never was much of a big fan. Even now, I have no problem passing up the pink-hued variety offered all over here. But you may now notice ... I ate caprese salad at least once a day. I couldn't get enough of them. Dinner was spent at Lo Guarracino.

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