18 July 2009

Racine Triathlon

Last year, Brian and our friend Chris did the Spirit of Racine Triathlon. And while caught up in the excitement, Penny and I said we'd do it this year. Well, Penny had a baby. So I decided to do the Pewaukee Triathlon last week, since it's one my sister does every year, instead. Well, something came over me, and on Tuesday this week, I signed up for it. Brian did the Blue Wave Sprint. I did the Women's Only. The 59 degree Lake Michigan water sure was a great wake up call! The swim was twice as long as last week (1/2 mile), and the bike was 4 miles shorter (20K). I came in at 1:31 -- 9th out of 20 in my age group. The 40 and over age group!!!! Yup. Doing this race was my 40th birthday goal, and it also happens to be one where they round up the age. I didn't even make the 35-39 cut. Kind of depressing, but overall, a great day. By the way, Brian came in 2nd in his age group, and even got an award. Awesome job. And while we were racing, the boys had fun playing in the sand with Grandma. It was a fun day.

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Mel said...

You are unreal! Age included.