12 July 2009

Pewaukee Triathlon

Today, I finished something I never thought I would, or could, do. A triathlon. Together with Brian and my sister, I did Pewaukee Triathlon. 1/4 mile swim. 16 mile bike. 3.1 mile run. And, it was great. Most people freak out over the swim part. I actually thought that was really fun. The water was warm, and the distance was short. I took my time and still plowed over people. Good times. The part I was freaking out? The bike. I've never rode close to 16 miles ... ever. (I recently got an awesome new bike though, so I better start.) Anyhow, the course was very hilly, but beautiful. Certainly better than the city streets we deal with here. The ride went fairly well -- although, there is plenty of room for improvement. I was so glad to finish that part. I was warned of the transition between bike and run, but I really had no idea. I tried to run my bike into transition, and thought I was going to just fall over. My legs were like jello. So I walked my bike back, and took my sweet time in transition, then headed off for the run. This is the part I was most confident in, and I ended up having the slowest 3 mile run of my life. I could barely move my legs they were so tight, and walked most of the first mile -- totally bummed me out. But then I got going, and it was ok. I finished. And oh my gosh, it feels so great.

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Mel said...

Congrats!!! I was thinking about you the entire day. I knew you could do it!!