13 October 2017

Last Week in Moments

Homecoming weekend began with the parade, tailgate and football game. Maybe it wasn't as grand as I remember it, but my high school parade was kind of a big deal. Class floats, the marching band, and lots of people came out to see it. Unfortunately, H's is kind of lame. But I'm really glad he does it. He gets to show his team spirit, and C walks out with a lot of candy.

The next night was the Homecoming Dance. H and his date went to Cafe Hollander with a group before then dance, and over to a friend's afterwards. I saw him at 1am the next day. He had fun. P.S. Aren't they cute?

The next day, we went to the airport observation parking lot to watch the planes coming him. H was in heaven. When we came home, C and Brian were back. They had left at 5:15am on Saturday morning for a soccer tournament in the Wisconsin Dells, where C's team won their bracket. He had a great weekend.

I wasn't a big fan of the this week. It started with our refrigerator water dispenser breaking on Monday. I was filling up water and the button to shut it off seemed to have broken off. Always something. Bought some pretty flowers and focused on that instead.

Our nephew plays soccer for Waldorf University. They were playing Cardinal Stritch on the Bavarian fields (the boys old club). Ian is injured, but they still let him come up which worked out great since it was Pam's birthday.

C had his last cross-country meet of the season. He ran the course in 13.07, which is completely impressive if you ask me -- but is a little slower than past years -- and he came in 4th for his school. He isn't a huge fan of running, and honestly is doing it just to stay in shape. I'm really proud of him.

The next day, he had his last middle school soccer game. Yes, he tried to do it all. He only was able to make about half of the soccer games. He didn't make one since practice for soccer or cross-country. We did the best we could. Now we have a little break before basketball starts. Yep, he's trying something new! Love it.

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