16 December 2016

Last Week in Moments

Brian, the boys and I went to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra play the songs of David Bowie. Tony Vincent was the lead singer -- the entire night was amazing.

The next morning, we had three bucks and a doe in our yard. Once the doe laid down, we knew they would be there awhile. Sure enough, they hung out in our area until dusk. Some was in our neighbors yard. And then they were back again in ours. I've never seen anything like it.

They came pretty close the second visit! Such stunning creatures. The dogs were going nuts though.

Gretel headbutted C. Gretel = 1. C = 0. He's lucky he has his teeth!

Sunday brought a bunch of snow. Brian & H spent most of the day shoveling. Sundays are a good day to get a bunch of snow.

The boys decorated a gingerbread house. Gretel loves it. All of the candy and frosting has now been licked off the front of the house. I should have taken a photo as soon as they finished, because Gretel got to it no more than one hour later. Such a stinker!

Just chillin'. She never sits like this -- she looks like a person. Too funny.

It was so cold this week! I'm talking, January weather. Regardless, H had a swim meet and C had soccer practice. My mom even made it to H's meet! They are really fun to watch. Glad she made it.

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