21 October 2016

Last Week in Moments

This is my absolute favorite! Crisp, sunny days surrounded by beautiful colors. It feels incredible.

We went to the Kletsch Waterfall to watch the salmon run. Watching those huge fish try to jump up these falls always amazes to me. Truthfully, I cheer for them instead of the fishermen. But we did get to watch one person catch a 15 pound salmon, and that was kind of cool too.

Catching up on his reading.

These two. Now that it's getting cooler, there are lots of snuggles. Storm may put up with it, but it's always Gretel pushing her way next to the big guy.

Thursday's harvest. The garden still has a few plants that are doing pretty well. Including our surprise tomatillo plant. Brian and H thought they were planting sugar snap peas. Something must have been labelled wrong, but I'm not complaining. These are beautiful!

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