02 September 2016

Last Week in Moments

Firewood was delivered right in the nick of time. We were down to three logs. Gasp!

C's birthday celebration.

TWELVE! I cannot even believe it.

It was a busy day, with a JV2 soccer game, and U13 soccer training and a meeting. C really wanted lobster dinner -- but the restaurant closes at 8pm! We even drove down to the market to see if we could get 4 lobster dinners to go, but they said no. (I probably should have called first). Instead, he requested a sushi boat. It was perfect.

There were some crazy downpours, and the boys had a blast running around in it. Nothing beat midwestern summer storms.

I love this old guy.

First day of school. This is what a freshman looks like. He had a really great day. We are so excited for him.

And this one is off to 6th grade. Three more years until they are reunited in the same school again. He had a great day too.

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