19 April 2019

Moments 04 19 :: Week 03

In honor of Prom this weekend, thought I'd pull up my old Prom pictures. LOL!

This is better! Are they so cute? His date is a good friend of H's. (She's actually dating our next door neighbor who is in college).

Proud parents.

The Grand March. Kind of a funny (to me) tradition at their school. But I loved getting to see where prom was and hear their names announced. H had a great time. I really don't think it could have been better, to be honest.

The day after. Haha! It was a late, fun night. That's for sure.

Then this nonsense happened. C was in a soccer tournament in Rockford over the weekend. We were 15 minutes away from the fields when the rest of the tournament got cancelled. Grrrr.. Nothing like spending 3 hours in the car for no reason.

And then the snow melted. I love spring!

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