23 September 2022

Moments 09 22 :: Week 04

Not much new to report this week. Cole got his senior photos taken on Saturday, then had Whitefish Bay Homecoming. You may recognize this crew from Prom. Same porch & people. Different dance. They had an absolute blast. The next day Cole had an early morning soccer game, then we went to watch St. Norbert vs. Carroll College soccer. 

Look at this guy. Cannot believe he's a senior. 

16 September 2022

Moments 09 22 :: Week 03

First two U19 MLS Next game of the season. They lost both, but not by much. It was fun to see. 

Happy 23rd anniversary to us!

We aren't the best of celebrating, but no excuses this year. We had a great time and a fabulous dinner at Bavette. We started with a Barrel Aged Negroni (Brian) and an Almond Gin Fizz (me).

I don't have too many goals, and honestly never really set out to do this -- but I hit a 300# deadlift this week. Crazy! Before May 2022, my PR was 255#. I'm pretty happy about it. 

09 September 2022

Moments 09 22 :: Week 02

Nothing much to report this week -- it was a pretty crazy busy one actually. But, on Tuesday, I turned 53. So that happened. 

My gym friends threw a little party -- complete with butt cookies. P.S. I'm not bossy when I work out. I manage the gym. 

Lucky for me, it was also deadlift day -- my favorite! I PR'd my 3 rep max at 250#. I was pretty happy with that. 

07 September 2022

Klassy Kamping 22 :: The Krew


I'm so glad everyone amuses me with this, because I adore these photos every year. Zane was sick so couldn't make it. The founding Klassy Kampers, the Elsmo's had another obligation. Back by popular demand were Aaron & Stephanie (Aaron's daughter headed off to college this year though). And new to the Krew, Dejan's friends Will & Tonja. Such a great group of people. 

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Klassy Kamping 22 :: Day 03

Not much to report on the last day. It's always so sad saying our good-byes. Brian and the boys surprised me with some balloons and gifts to celebrate my birthday a day early since we were all together. We had breakfast at the van, then went about our ways. Hudson drove back to St. Louis. Cole took the car and beat us home. It was another amazing Klassy Kamping weekend.

Klassy Kamping 22 :: Day 02

Loved our set up this year. Brian and I were in the van (naturally), and the boys each had a tent to sleep in. It was perfect. After a good sleep, we got together for breakfast burritos. Yum, yum, yum. Some stayed behind, while some of us headed into New Glarus. Chris & Graham rode their bikes again. It's a such a beautiful route. I'm not sure what the deal is, but the brewery is closed on weekends. Makes no sense to us, but we still were able to visit our favorite bakery. An art festival was going on as well, so that was fun. Afterwards, we stopped on the way back for a hike at the Pine Cliff Trail. We discovered it a couple years ago, and it's a perfect 1 hour hike. We all enjoyed it. As soon as we got back, it was time for Frito Pie dinner at our place. We have the meals down to a science. Afterwards, we sat around and got to enjoy another perfect night. 

Klassy Kamping 22 :: Day 01


Another year of Klassy Kamping. Brian left for Governor Dodge on Friday, and in a super exciting turn of events, Hudson decided to join us this year. It was so great having him, especially since this year is the mass exodus we've been dreading all these years. Only one remaining kid. Fortunately, a couple have made appearances. Gracie joined us again this year too. Cole and I had to wait until Saturday morning to come up, but made it before everyone else was moving. It was a pretty lazy day. It had rained during the night and into the morning, and the weather was pretty cold and gloomy the rest of the weekend, actually. But it was fine. We rode bikes to the beach, and a few brave souls even went swimming. Evening was a new favorite dinner -- paella night. We've deemed Aaron the paella master, even though he's confessed he's only made it once before. He's a trooper. It's always just so much fun being with everyone, and this year was no different. 

02 September 2022

Moments 09 22 :: Week 01

Rainbows and rain

Our traditional birthday celebration lunch at St. Paul Fish Market.

Me and my guy. I cannot even believe he's already 18.

Seems like forever ago...but not really.

Some things never change. Ice cream birthday cake (cookies & cream).

Got to celebrate with a few of his friends. This crew has had such a fun summer. 

First day of school - SENIOR year. 

Snuggle bug. 

26 August 2022

Moments 08 22 :: Week 04

Brian spent a few days at Road America for work. I got to join him on Saturday.


Super fun. Afterwards, we walked around through Elkhart Lake and visited our friends. 

The goats are still there! Had to pay them another visit. 

Hello Mr. Toad. Van Duke found this big fat guy. 

Not his bed. He's such a stinker. 

19 August 2022

Moments 08 22 :: Week 03

After a couple years of not going, we made it to German Days! Always love this tradition so much. 

It wasn't super warm out, but Brian and Cole braved it and went swimming. They were the only ones. It really is a beautiful lake to swim in.

The next day, we loaded Hudson's car up and sent him on his way. That was different. I almost booked a hotel so go to St. Louis with him and help, but he reminded me all of his roommates were moving themselves in. And, of course it worked out just fine. He was set up by that evening and has had a really fun week. That makes me so happy. 

Not sure who is going to miss the other more. Hudson the dogs, or the dogs Hudson.

Weeds. But I still think they are pretty. 

Brian and I ventured downtown for Milwaukee Night Market. It's held one night a week for four months. September is the last one. 

The city was bumping! So many people out and about. Dancing in the streets. It really was fantastic.

We decided to check out the 3rd Street Market hall, and saw that the Photoverse Selfie Museum was free that day. 

It was a tad crowded but super fun. And, it was created by MIAD, so that's cool!

Ouch. This was the photo the Nicolet Student Section used to promote the upcoming scrimmage. Unfortunately, Cole isn't playing on the high school team this year. Instead, he's playing on a MLS NEXT team which means he's not allowed to play high school soccer. I think he's at peace with it now, but it was a really hard decision. Just kind of funny. I do think he looks great in this picture though. And, he'll still be #13 

I love this so much. The village near us hired Grazing Goats for a few weeks to clear out some unwanted vegetation that the mowers would have a hard time reaching. The dogs and I walked over to say hi to them. A couple were on the other side of the fence, and when Cole went to check them out, he even got to pet them.