22 January 2022

Moments 01 22 :: Week 03

Great first book to start the year. Food, family, friends, and travel. Can't beat it. I actually think (and have heard) that the audio version is even better. 

Traditions. Last night before going back to school dinner - steak, greek salad and french fries. 

We took Hudson back to college on Saturday. It's been a great month having him home, but we are super excited for him. We moved him out of his dorm and into a new on-campus apartment! It's a pretty sweet setup in a highly sought after complex with some friends who's original roommates are in Madrid this semester. 

After a busy, long day, we really enjoyed our dinner at Olio. We even got to dine in a greenhouse, which was surprisingly comfortable and kind of fun. 

Me and my guy outside The Foundry. The area near his college is really building up. It's very cool. 

Just a cute shot of Van Duke, taken by Brian. Not sure we've ever had a dog as snuggly as he is. 

14 January 2022

Moments 01 22 :: Week 02

After Las Vegas last week, Brian and Hudson drove to Pioneertown and Palm Springs for a couple days. Fun little adventure after Brian's crazy few weeks.

The tree is down, but I always cut off a little branch to keep around as long as possible. 

One of my gym friends is having a baby any day now, so we had a little surprise baby shower for her. Our other friend tested positive for COVID, but came to say hi through the window. Crazy times. 

The CrossFit gang. We all brought books for new baby's library. I also made Italian Layer Cookies but colored the layers baby colors (they don't know what sex the baby will be).

Van Duke turned 1 on 1/11! He has a few bad habits -- he’s a barker, a wandering pooper, eats everything he sees, is white fur shedder, and wakes up way too early - for example -- but we are crazy about him. He’s funny, and snuggly, and simply the cutest (those freckles). 

Brian and Hudson made it home that night in time to celebrate. I made him a peanut butter doggie cake with banana peanut butter and whipped cream topping. He loved it. 

This happened. It's only my second time going in many years since Brian's been pheasant hunting. It's just not my thing. I have to say though, I love being outside and mostly, watching the dogs do what they love so much is absolutely amazing. 

It's beautiful seeing them in action. 

07 January 2022

Moments 01 22 :: Week 01

Our New Year's Day good luck recipe. We've been lucky enough to have Greg & Yvonne stay with us over New Year's a couple times, and they always make this recipe. Their tradition has turned into our tradition. I asked Yvonne for the recipe a few years back, and she sent me this. I could barely decipher it, hence the notes. I love it so much. 

The final product. Not very pretty, but we love it.

It snowed for real finally. At first Van wouldn't even go outside, but it's safe to say, once he figured it out, he loved it again. 

Our crazy little tree. I love the random little branches popping out. I'm finally taking it down this weekend. 

How in the world has this happened? We had a greyhound years ago that slept in our bed, and it was such a nightmare. The last two dogs haven't been allowed (although, Gretel does sleep with Hudson when he's home). Somehow, this guy has finagled his way in. And not only that, he buries himself UNDER the covers. This is how I woke up the other day. Not ok. 

Hudson made us dinner! Chicken coconut soup and chili glazed green beans. It was delicious. 

How we roll this this time of year. It reached a whopping 15 degrees out today.
In other news, Brian had to leave on the 1st of the year for Las Vegas. His company did the keynote for Abbott Labs at CES. It's been a long haul, and he's been M.I.A. most of the past 1.5 months. This morning, Hudson flew out to join him and they are going to go on a little road trip for a few days to unwind. Hudson was supposed to take a 10:20 am flight, but woke me up last night at midnight to let me know it was cancelled. I'm not sure how, but he managed to get the very last seat on the 7am. It just meant a very early wake-up call, but I'm happy they are getting to have these few days together. 

01 January 2022

New Year's Eve.


First time in years that we have spent New Year's Eve., just the four of us. We attempted to solved a cold case, but only made it through the first clue before our family's lack of concentration hit. Fortunately, we can pick up where we left off again. It's fun! We had a really great dinner before the boys headed off to spend the last couple hours of the year with friends. They were back right after midnight for all of us to toast to a great new year. Here's to a happy 2022! 

Crab Legs
Potatoes, Corn, Old Bay Butter

31 December 2021

Moments 12 21 :: Week 05

While we didn't have a day of baking cookies per usual, we were able to crank out some after all. I decided to try all new recipes this year. There weren't any duds, but my favorites were the Italian Layer Cookies. So good.

Felt great to be able to see family again this year (even though COVID is crazy nutsy at the moment). Grandma hosted a fun Christmas Eve.

Santa came to our house! 

Annual Christmas morning photo. 

Brian and I got up early to walk the dogs. Then changed back into our pajamas and woke Hudson & Cole at 9:00am. 

The P4. Plus Van and Gretel.

Nina & Papa hosted Christmas this year. A few others were going to join us but got COVID, so it was just our small little family. Maia recently bought a condo that came with some interesting artwork. Here's just one that she passed along to her brother. I'm not sure his girlfriend is a fan. 

Thankful for small families. 

We decided to continue the festivities and had brunch at the hunt club. It was absolutely delicious and so pretty.

I mean... family photo in front of the fire.

After brunch, we took a little hike. So luck to have this place available to us. 

Later in the week Brian & Hudson took Van on his first hunt. Gretel had to stay behind - she's healing from an injury she got rough housing with Van. (It was heartbreaking since this is her favorite thing to do, but I took her for a LONG walk to make up for it.) I guess Van did really well! Yay! I wasn't so sure about this one. 

The boys and I went out for ramen. Just a fun sign for the times. 

Last workout of of the year, signing off from the Pettit home gym. I've been back on the porch since Cole had COVID. Brian has to go out of town for an important work project, so I decided to stay put. 
I've got to be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this year. I felt overwhelmed and just kind of blah. Don't get me wrong - a lot of great things happened and fun moments were had. But, I'm determined not to let that happen again, and am looking forward to a fresh start. Peace out 2021.

24 December 2021

Moments 12 21 :: Week 04

These two. Love how much they snuggle each other. 

Went out for Indian food with Hudson. Yum.

Brian was buried with work. Cole was still in isolation. But Hudson and I decided to make a few cookies. Van is such a good helper. This is where he hangs out whenever anyone is in the kitchen.

The end results. (We are making a few more).

Hudson got to go flying this week, and picked the perfect night. Holy Hill from above.

Was able to catch the sunset over the lake.

Someone got a cone. Never a dull moment around here lately. Van and Gretel were playing, and I'm assuming Van plowed into her. Her entire leg from her ankle to elbow swelled up, which is weird. The doctor took a fine needle aspiration to make sure the lump on her leg wasn't causing it (it wasn't), but it must have bothered her because she licked that spot raw... and won't leave it alone. This is what she gets....

Cole making toffee, Hudson making another cookie. 

17 December 2021

Moments 12 21 :: Week 03

On the lookout for critters.

Unfortunately, this was the week of COVID. Cole was sick a couple days last week and tested positive. Of course, the day after his diagnosis, he started feeling better. I'm so relieved by that. But, he's been stuck in his room for a week! Only two more days until he's released. We just don't want to risk any of us getting sick for the holidays, and fortunately he takes it seriously too. We moved a TV and the Xbox in his room and he gets food deliveries, so he was pretty excited about this situation at first, but I think the novelty is wearing thin now. The other great news, however, is Hudson is home for winter break. I'm so excited. He just got home Thursday, and Brian's been out of town since Wednesday, so we are all looking forward to getting released from bedroom prison, and being reunited soon. It always feels better when we are all together.